Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (Lead coordinator)

Contributing since December 2014, Krishna Chaitanya Velaga has been one of the most active English Wikipedians from India. He predominantly contributes to the Indian military history domain. As of May 2017, on en Wiki, he has to his credit a featured list, a featured article, 3 A-class articles, 1 good topic (first good topic from Indian military history), 11 good articles and 17 DYKs; a rare feat in the Indian Wikipedia community. His good article reviews count close to 100. With more than 12,000 global edits, his rights include Extended confirmed, Pending changes reviewer, AutoWikiBrowser, Mass message sender, Page mover, Rollbacker, New page reviewer on en Wiki, and File mover, Patroller, Upload wizard campaign editor and License reviewer on Commons. He also exercises Mass-message sender rights on Meta-Wiki with global effect. For his exemplary contributions he was awarded the title of Military history newcomer of the year for 2016, and was the Featured Wikimedian of the Month for January 2017. He attended the fourth iteration of Train-the-Trainer by Centre of Internet & Society in February 2017. Krishna is also an NCC Cadet.

Suyash Dwivedi (Coordinator)

̈Contributing since September 2013, Suyash Dwivedi has been active on Hindi Wikipedia and on Commons ever since. He holds accountcreator, autopatrolled rights on hi Wiki. He’s extensively involved in various outreach programs and offline events. He served as coordinator for Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in India. He gave an introductory talk about Hindi Wikipedia in a joint program on National Science Seminar of BARC and ABV Hindi University. He was also the organizer of Hindi Wikipedia Conference in January 2017. He gave a presentation on Wikipedia Contribution in the field of science in a program organized by BARC and Directorate of Culture of Archaeology (Chhattisgarh).

Mourya Biswas (Assistant coordinator)

Contributing since July 2014, Mourya Biswas is one of the few editors editing Bengali Wikipedia from India. He has a rich experience in hosting outreach Wikimedia programs. Contributing primarily to Bengali Wikipedia, his edits include creation of new templates, expansion and maintenance of existing articles, pulling images from Commons to bn Wiki, fixing numerous code and format errors and patrolling recent changes on Bengali Wikipedia to check for vandalism. He has also on numerous occasions stressed on his stance of Quality over Quantity on Wikipedia. He also contributes to English Wikipedia. He holds Extended confirmed rights on en Wiki. He took part in several real life events such as Train-a-Wikipedian Hyderabad 2016, Train-the-Trainer 2016, WikiConference India 2016 and MediaWiki Technical Training Workshop 2017. He hosted the Sixteenth Bengali Wikipedia Meetup in the run-up to WCI 2016 and organized the Mini MediaWiki Training & Train-the-Trainer 2017, Kolkata. A Bengali by birth, Mourya has near native knowledge of Hindi, Telugu, and English.

Samanyu Kasukurthi (Assistant coordinator)

  • Global contributions (NoteːEven though the contributions are comparatively less, Samanyu Kasukurthi has been taken in for assisting in handling reports, press releases etc.)

Contributing since January 2017, Samanyu is an aspiring Wikimedia. An army brat, and an NCC Cadet, he has a wide experience in anchoring, and is an able orator. He served as a community mobilizer for Times of India’s Teach India initiative. He also takes part in the local literary club.

Ranjithsiji (Technical support)

Contributing since October 2010, Ranjithsiji is a free software consultant and web developer. He has a wide experience in various web application projects and Media Wiki. With over 12,000 global edits his rights include Extended confirmed on en Wiki and Patroller on Commons. He is an admin on Malayalam Wikipedia and is a dominant figure in Malayalam Wikimedia Community. He also developed an edit-a-thon statistics tool for live stats and analysis of an edit-a-thon. He was actively involved in the coordination of national-scale projects such as WLM India.


Colonel Ashwin Baindur (retd.) (Lead judge)

Trained at the prestigious National Defense Academy and the Indian Military Academy, Colonel Baindur served in the army for over two decades. Contributing since July 2006, Colonel Baindur is one of the senior-most and highly experienced Wikimedians from this subcontinent. After his retirement from the army, he has been an active environmental activist, the domain in which he mostly edits apart from military history. With more than 30,000 global edits, his rights include Autopatroller, Extended confirmed, Pending changes reviewer and Rollbacker on en Wiki, Autopatroller on Commons and Meta. He holds an astounding record of 43 DYKs along with 4 good articles. He likes mentoring young Wikipedians and promotes WikiProject India as an analogue of an Indic language in the Indian Wikimedian Community. Aside from online, Colonel Ashwin Baindur has also been very active in offline activities. He served as a trainer on a number of occasions. He was the resource person for Train-the-Trainer 2017 by Centre for Internet & Society. He is one of the three recipients of the Sparrow Award 2017 by Nature Forever Society in association with Wipro. Colonel Baindur also served as a curator for a military museum.

Diego Delso (Qualitative stream)

Diego Delso has been a Spanish electrical engineer and a passionate photographer for over two decades. He has been involved in the Wikimedia movement as an editor since 2007, and is an administrator on the Spanish Wikipedia as well as Wikimedia Commons. He has created 1,200 articles in Wikipedia and has uploaded over 16,500 photographs to Commons. Among them around 10,000 have been awarded the Quality Image status and 400 Featured Picture status. He’s been a panel member of the Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments international jury as well as jury member of other photo contests in various countries since 2010. The Wikimedia Blog dedicated an entry to him last summer.

Colonel Ravi Shankar Vasireddy (retd.) (Subjective stream lead)

  • Off-community judge (Note: He’s been included in the jury team for his experience in the army and various security services)

Trained at the prestigious the National Defense Academy and the Indian Military Academy, the colonel served in the army for 24 years. During his association with the Indian Army, he held several distinguished appointments. Some which include, Registrar of Sainik School in Kunjpura, Commanding Officer of an army intelligence unit, Colonel Instructor at Military Intelligence Training School & Depot. After his premature retirement from the army in 2008, Colonel Shankar has been a proficient leader in the corporate sector. He served in the top hierarchy of Bridgehead Consulting, Trinity Infra Ventures, Scribble Media and Entertainment, Saikor Security Training & Services, Spectra Force Technologies, Goldstone Group etc. Currently he’s the proprietor of RSV Security Agency and is the also the director of VIVA The School.

Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka (Subjective stream)

Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka has been an active contributor since May 2011. Working predominantly in the Indian military history domain, he holds the credit for the first Indian military history good article on English Wikipedia. His credits on en Wiki include 6 good articles, 5 ITNs and 16 DYKs. With over 20,000 global edits, his rights include Autopatroller, Extended confirmed, Pending changes reviewer and Rollbacker on en Wiki, File mover and Patroller on Commons, Autoreviewer on de Wiki, Patroller and Rollerbacker on Simple en Wiki, Rollbacker on Simple en Wikitionary, Uploader on ru and fa Wiki. He was the Featured Wikimedian for May 2013 and was credited with the Editor of the Week award on en Wiki. He organized the first multilingual meetup at Hyderabad, the largest meetup to have ever taken place in the city. From February 2016 to May 2016, he served as an intern with Wikimedia India Chapter. He is the co-founder of MediaWiki Club India, a technical club intended to bridge the tech gap of Indic Wikipedias.


Ravi Shankar Ayyakkannu

Contributing since March 2008, Ravi Shankar is one of the most accomplished editors from the Tamil Wikimedia Community. He holds both the Bureaucrat and Admin rights on ta Wikipedia, ta Wikibooks and ta Wikitionary. He also holds Admin rights on Tamil Wikisource. Apart from Tamil projects, he also contributes to Commons, where he holds Autopatrolled rights, and to en Wiki, where he holds Rollbacker rights. He’s currently serving as the Program Director at Wikimedia India Chapter. His experiences in working for the movement have been featured in The New York Times and BBC.

Yohann Thomas

Contributing since May 2010, Yohann has been active on en Wiki and Commons. He’s extensively involved in outreach events. He organized several meetups all over the country. He’s presently the President of Executive Committee of Wikimedia Chapter.

Tito Dutta

Contributing since April 2011, Tito is one of the most experienced editors from Indian Wikimedia Community. With over one lakh global edits, Tito is an Admin on en Wiki, a Translation Admin on Meta; and a Bureaucrat, Admin, Translation Admin, Central Notice Admin on test Wiki. He also contributes to bn Wiki, and Commons, where he holds Autopatroller, and Image Reviewer, File Mover, Patroller, Rollbacker rights respectively. He currently working as Program Associate for Centre for Internet & Society – Access to Knowledge.