The scope of the contest is defined in the following sections. Any service mentioned below, will obviously include all its diverse arms, formations and other sub-divisions under it. For example, consider the Indian Army, the various departments, units, regiments etc. of the army will automatically be within the scope.

The image may be pertaining to anything regarding the service—its personnel in action, equipment, properties (buildings etc.), installations etc. Any doubts and alterations regarding the scope and the service included or to be included may be discussed on the talk page.

Note: Some of the editors/contributors have expressed their concern regarding the potential risk involved in photographing the defence or similar services. The coordinators want to make it clear that the project doesn’t encourage any contributor to trespass a military or law enforced restricted installation for clicking the photographs. They can capture them in the public order i.e. whatever is available to the public and is not restricted. If you have any doubts regarding what kind of photographs are to be captured, please see the example images section on the FAQ page.

Indian Armed Forces

Paramilitary forces

Federal police

State police

Metropolitan police

Fire fighting departments

Other uniformed services

  • National Cadet Corps
  • Scouting in India
  • Other uniformed law enforcement services that are not listed also here fall under the scope. To avoid further complications, it is strongly advised to discuss on the talk page before adding them here. Please don’t create discussions for the sub-units and departments of the listed services.

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